Ritė Shimano Stradic FL
    Ritė Shimano Stradic FL
    Ritė Shimano Stradic FL
    Ritė Shimano Stradic FL



    YRA SANDELYJE! Ritė NEW 19" Shimano Stradic 2500HG FL

    Shimano Stradic FL
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    Ričių kartos keičiasi, modeliai tobulėja, bet Stradic ritė visada išlaiko savo klasikinį dizainą, kurio vienas esminių elementų, turi kur kas naujesnį or tobulesnį mechanizmą, nes ši ritė yra suprojektuota ir pagaminta pasitelkus X-SHIP koncepciją, kurios kompenentais prieš porą metų galėjo pasigirti tik Stella ritės. Tai didesni pagrindinis krupliaratis (didesnė galia, tolygesnis darbas), lengvesnis A-RC būgnelis,  tvirtesnės ir lengvesnės pagrindinės pavaros detalės.

    Atsarginis bugnelisNe
    Guoliu skaičius6 + 1
    Perdavimas6.0: 1
    Kitchen sink:aluminum
    Crank:Single crank
    Max dragas9kg
    Valo suskimas per 1 suki89cm
    Valo talpa0.25mm / 160m

    The Shimano Stradic reel series is already well-known and loved by hundreds of thousands of anglers anywhere in the whole wide world, and not without reason. It is highly valued for its qualities. Every once allowed to fish with a Stradic know that these roles very reliable are plenty of power have and above all a never let you down when things once hot.


    The successor of the FK series, the Stradic FL is this reputation because it has the same properties in terms of reliability and power. However, it has received several new features and is optimized by this.


    For example, the Stradic FL has, thanks to the Micro Module II and Silent Drive a smoother runningcondition and glides with a super smooth ride formally gone. The Micro Module II shall ensure thesmooth running and the Silent Drive were crank noise as well as the crank's practically as good as eliminated . This contrasts with the smoothness to a whole new level.


    The durability of the Stradic FL was a stronger Hagane gear , so improving one produced by cold forging technology gear whereby its reliability even further shoots up. This cold forging technique is under load significantly less prone to mechanical wear than conventional die-cast transmission. In order to increase the longevity of the missed Shimano Stradic FL the X Protect 3 whereby the protection against the ingress of water increases and also the friction resistance between rotor and gearbox has been minimized .

    The casting performance was by a long stroke spool improved.


    And those were until now only the new features that have been integrated into the Stradic FL, because as usual they know some well-known and popular functions such as the Hagane Body with G-Free Body Design , the X-Ship Gear system which the power transmission is more effective or AR-C coilwhich by its design and V-edge allows more accurate and more throws.  


    All in all Shimano is the Stradic FL excellent, not to mention unbeatable all-round spinning reelmanaged that for almost every fresh water is suitable spinning session and are in demand in the reliability and power. For use in saltwater , the Stradic FL is well suited but as always it is said afterwards please rinse vigorously.


    Through the many models of Stradic FL with different sizes and translations is guaranteed to find for every fishermen the right Stradic.



    Special Features:

    6 + 1 ball bearings, Screw-single crank of aluminum, Aerowrap II line lay Hagane body, G-Free Body Design, Hagane Gear precision gears, X-Protect 3 sealing, X-Ship gear transmission, AR-C-distance casting spool from kaltgeschiedetem aluminum with a V-shaped coil edge for more litters and less Backlash) improved by Long Stroke spool, Micro module II for smooth running, Silent Drive highlights the smoothness to a new level, one-piece bail, ...

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