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    WFT Sea King 800 PR HP RH

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    WFT Sea King 800 PR HP  RH-right hand/dešninė, LH- Left hand/kairinė
    with 5.0: 1 translation
    Luxury has a name!

    The noble Sea King 800 PR HP, by WFT, was specially developed for sporty deep sea fishing in Norway . It is designed to be extra light and therefore no larger than a manually operated multiplier reel. However, it offers you the comfort of an electric roller at the highest level < / div>
    The luxury reel can also be used in shallow water as a completely manually operated Norway reel. Thanks to its high gear ratio and perfect smooth running , guaranteed by 13 stainless steel bearings, motorized retraction can be completely dispensed with, depending on the situation. Thus the Sea King 800 becomes a comfortable line counter roller .
    Je Depending on the situation or your preference, you can land the fish with or without motor power. Beyond the 100 meters, you can quickly catch up again with engine power and without long cranking. Further modern technical properties are their high draw-in speed and draw-in force stop function close to the boat high braking force and much more. This not only makes it fun to use, but also makes fishing a lot easier.
    The automatic line guide of the WTF Sea King 800 has been specially reinforced to withstand its own engine performance. Even under heavy loads, the roller motor runs extremely reliably absolutely flawlessly and offers sufficient power reserves to fetch even large and powerful fish from the depths! Even if you have to pull up heavy assemblies from great depths of water, you will learn to appreciate the advantages of an electric reel .
    With the help of the flip and freewheel stop buttons you are offered complete and comfortable one-handed operation of all functions . This means that the rod rests in your hand and no longer has to be gripped!
    The operation is child's play thanks to the 3-button principle and is relatively quick and intuitive, so that you can concentrate fully on fishing.
    Special Features:
    12 + 1 stainless steel ball bearings , Japanese electric motor (max 51kg / cm, max 210m / min), torsion-resistant one-piece aluminum frame, aluminum coil, gear made of brass and steel, precisely adjustable strong star width mse, automatic line guidance, infinite backstop, FLIP button for free-wheeling, free-wheeling stop button, illuminated counter up to 999 meters, data storage in the event of a 30-minute power interruption, 30kg pull-in force, right-hand model, ...
    Delivery only reel WITHOUT fishing line!
    < / div>
    Spare spool:no
    transmission:Brass, stole
    Kitchen sink:aluminum
    crank:Single crank
    ball-bearing:12 + 1
    translation:5.0: 1
    Handedness:Right hand ot Left hand
    Cord retraction:80cm
    own weight:960g
    Cord setting:0.22mm / 540m, 0.25mm / 420m
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