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Iron Chakka Pro Tele 450cm 15-25g



Iron Chakka Pro Tele 450cm 15-25g

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Iron Trout
Chakka Pro Tele 450cm
with 450cm rod length and 15-25g casting weight
The rod for long distances
The Chakka Pro Tele series has been designed for the discerning trout specialist Thanks to their flexibility , you can react quickly to any situation on the water This guarantees 100% fun at the trout pond.
This long stalk rod is perfect for large trout lakes and for long distances when fishing. Leave your competitors on the edge of the bank, with this rod experienced throwers can reach up to 65 meters . This gives you direct access to large, far away swimming fish.
 With this series you can ensure that you always have the right rod on your rod stand so that you can target and outwit all fish in a targeted and precise manner.
You can tell that this rod is an absolute all-round genius . This is made possible by the combination of a sensitive tip, which has a fine bite detection, and the strong rod backbone.
 For even more flexibility , you can reorder and mount a different tip for every rod from the series .
Special Features:
High Modulus Carbon Blank, precise Metal Plated Seat reel seat, black lacquered hook eye, 6-part fishing rod, ...
Rod color:dark
Rod length:450cm
Rod parts:6
Own weight:225g
Blank:High Modulus Carbon
Throwing weight:15-25g
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