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Signalizatoriai Anaconda Rock Hopper SX-1 Set 4 vnt



Signalizatoriai Anaconda Rock Hopper SX-1 Set 4 vnt

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Rock Hopper SX-I Set 4tlg
Pendulum bite indicator, swinger
Thanks to the adjustable clip, it is suitable for all cord sizes!
The Rock Hopper SX-I is an absolutely contemporary, hi-tech, modern swinger.
But the Swinger not only impresses with its modern and elegant design, but also with its outstanding, innovative technology and its multifunctionality.
The head of the SX-I is moveable and has an extraordinary futuristic design. Furthermore, the adjustable ball line clip and an LED lamp, which lights up when a bite occurs, is integrated into the head of the bite indicator.
The super bright LED lamps, which were integrated in these swingers, offer you an absolutely reliable optical 1: 1 bite transmission so that you never miss a bite again.
The Rock Hopper SX-I is particularly suitable for longer distances. It was designed in such a way that the counterweight, which is relatively heavy with approx. 50g and sits on the axle, can be moved and thus the correct line tension can always be set.
Overall, the Rock Hopper SX-I is available in four different colors (red, green, blue & yellow). This set of 4 contains all the color variants red, green, blue & yellow.
The swinger with an adjustable ball line clip enables the angler to fish a wide variety of lines from the thinnest braided to thick monofilament lines (-0.60mm) without any problems.
To connect to the radio bite indicator, the SX-I Swinger uses an internal cable with a 2.5mm jack plug that leads away from the head.
Product details:
    • Colors: red, green, blue & yellow
    • adjustable ball line clip
    • Cable is routed inside
    • 2.5 mm jack plug
    • heavy, movable weight (approx. 50g)
    • Stylish LED viewing window
    • optical 1: 1 bite transmission
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