Šėrimo laivelis Boatman Actor Carbon V4 Futterboot-299,00 



    Šėrimo laivelis Boatman Actor Carbon V4 Futterboot

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    Actor V4 bait boat carbon

    Holds up to 1.5kg of dry bait!

    The bait boat with the best price-performance ratio!


    The Actor was made by Boatman for fishermen looking for a compact, high-performing bait boat at a reasonable price. Both compartments together have 1500 grams bait capacity. The boat also offers the possibility to extend the assembly. Built to last, it has a sturdy hull with position lighting via colored LED strips and a large center carry handle.

    The Actor has a large hopper in the center of the boat that can hold around 1000 grams of dry bait. The rear funnel has a capacity of 500 grams. Press the release button on the transmitter and the flap will open, releasing the chuck or assembly.

    The Actor is equipped with front and rear LED lights for nighttime operation. They are embedded in the top of the boat to avoid shining directly onto the water. Nevertheless, they highlight possible obstacles. The front LED is white, the rear LEDs are red so you can always see which way the boat is pointing. There is an LED switch with which you can switch off the LEDs during the day.

    The supplied battery is capable of driving times of up to 2.5 hours. This corresponds to the use of the boat, for example being able to go back and forth 50 meters each time 100 times. If that's not enough, there's an easily accessible battery cover that lets you swap out the battery for a new one in no time. The 230V charger is easy to use and included in the set.

    The engines and the propeller are optimized in such a way that the noise level is as low as possible in order to disturb the fish as little as possible. Each propeller is surrounded by a large guard to prevent ingestion of grass or other debris that could interfere with the propellers.

    The Actor was developed with a view to modular construction. This allows you to easily maintain your boat and replace parts yourself.

    On the underside of the hull is a low voltage warning indicator.

    Product Details:

    - Color carbon

    - Length: 506mm

    - Width: 267mm

    - Height: 128mm

    - Weight: 1900 g (without battery and unloaded)

    - Battery: LiIon 7.4V 5000mAh V4

    - Charging time: about 5 hours

    - Journey time: max. 2.5 hours

    - Speed: Max 1.2m/s

    - Turning radius: about 1 meter

    - RC system: 2.4 GHz; 10mW

    - Range (radius): approx. 500 meters

    - Load: max. 1500 g dry bait

    Remote control functions:

    - Forward backward

    - 2 speed levels

    - steering

    - Open feed flaps

    - light

    scope of delivery

    - Actor bait boat

    - 2.4GHz transmitter

    - LiIon boat battery V4

    - AC 230V battery charger

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