Platforma Preston Inception Station Seat White Edition-499,00 



    Platforma Inception Station Seat White Edition

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    The new Preston Inception Station seat builds on the success of other Inception seats and offers many of the same features as Mag-Lok clamps, footrest locking latches and a sturdy knob.

    Built on a very strong and elegant frame that is available in white or graphite, Inception has plenty of storage space. Deep compartment side drawers are ideal for accessories, while deep drawers with removable dividers can be used for long length boxes or any larger accessories. There is an empty shallow tray between the drawers and the seat which is perfect for storing your rigs.

    The cassette under the frame includes a 26mm tray and a lid to which additional levels can be added if required. All legs in the seat are telescopic, so you can easily adjust the level.


    • Padded seat
    • Mag-Lok 2 drawer module
    • 26 mm shallow tray on runners
    • Lid • 6 x 30 mm 50 cm
    telescopic legs • Footrest with locking pins • Padded Deluxe shoulder strap

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