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WFT Plasma Yellow optionally between 100m and 2000m in one piece Išskleisti

Valas WFT Plasma Yellow optionally between 100m and 2000m in one piece


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The WFT PLASMA ROUND is a brand new braided line with a groundbreaking combination of features: Perfect round and tight weave, therefore perfect line placement and throwing properties on all stationary and baitcasting rolls.
The surface of the WFT PLASMA ROUND is so effectively sealed that the cord does NOT absorb water and is extremely resistant to abrasion. The durable surface seal allows the WFT PLASMA ROUND to glide through the rings almost silently, guaranteeing the longest throwing distances.
Sensational is the knot strength, which is at the level of linear load capacity, no matter what knot you prefer.
Equally outstanding is the permanent color fastness, which is achieved by a completely new method of bleaching protection. The plasma treatment of the surface guarantees here for the continuous high-end quality of this line.
The WFT Plasma Yellow is the highly visible WFT plasma variant, which is thus ideal for all types of freshwater spinfish and for light to medium spinfish in salt water.
0,26mm 31kg

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