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Ritės Shimano Stella C 3000 XG FJ Išskleisti

Ritės Shimano Stella 4000 FJ




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559,00 €

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Stella 4000 FJ

5.3: 1 translation
Special features:

12 Shielded A-RB ball bearings + 1 roller bearing, extremely stable and torsion-resistant Hagane roller body made of magnesium, screw-in aluminum single crank with ergonomic Sofft-Touch handle knob, Easy Maintenance, extra strong Hagane reel gearbox (highest reliability under maximum load), X-Protect protection device, X-Ship & MicroModule II transmission technology (for a permanently soft roller run & maximum durability), G-Free body design, AR-C aluminum coil with EI Surface Treatment (for maximum resistance), rigid support drag (prevents even the slightest braking effect Bobbin winding), One Piece Bail bail, Aero Wrap II line lay system (perfect wrap with all fishing lines), DynaBalance for tremendous rotor stability, Hypergear, Silent Drive Oscillation,Super Stopper II, powerful front brake system, high-quality Stella transport bag, ...
Symbol picture = crank knob may vary (photo size 3000)!

Spare spool: No
Kitchen sink: aluminum
Crank: Single crank
Own weight: 255g
Translation: 5.3: 1
Line retrieval: 87cm
Schnur socket (exact): 0.25mm / 260m, 0.30mm / 180m, 0.35mm / 130m
handedness: Left-handed, right-handed
Braking force: 11kg
Size: 4000
Ball-bearing: 13
Casing: hagane

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