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Naujiena! Shimano Twin Power FD 4000 PG New 2020 Išskleisti

YRA SANDELYJE! Shimano Twin Power FD 4000 PG New 2020



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Twin Power FD 4000 PG
with 4.4: 1 ratio
For medium heavy spin fishing with a power handle!
With the various sizes of the new Twin Power FD series, Shimano presents absolutely reliable workhorses for light to medium-heavy spin fishing with a wide variety of leadership styles .
Like the predecessors, the new FD models for the current spinning season are based on proven technology:
Starting with the X-Protect protection system against penetrating water & dirt particles , through the Hagane reel body & gear , to the Titanium Coated Spool Ring and the X-Ship system - the twin power spinning reels in the FD version are equipped with all techniques that the modern spin fisherman does not want to do without!
The MicroModule Gear II gear ensures an absolutely even roller run that you can rely on even under heavy loads, for example in violent drills with active robbers .
Operating noise & vibrations when cranking are almost completely eliminated by the Silent Drive transmission system , which ensures an even better bait feeling.
Here we are dealing with a perfect spinning reel for medium, active predator fishing with modern guide methods .
The powerful front brake system of the new Twin Power FD models ensures that even particularly powerful robbers are safely exhausted.
Special Features der Twin Power FD Spinnrollen:
9 Shielded Stainless Steel ball bearings + 1 roller bearing, Hagane reel body, Hagane reel gear, ARC spool made of cold-forged aluminum, G-Free Body Design (for perfect balance on the rod and optimized casting performance), Rigid Support Drag (for a uniformly strong braking force in everyone Situation), MicroModule Gear II, Aero Wrap II for a perfect winding pattern with all cords, Silent Drive System, Propulsion Line Management System, One Pierce Bail, MagnumLite Rotor (for an absolutely smooth performance & reduced weight), X-Ship Gear System, X-Protect System, ...
Spare coil: No
Kitchen sink: Aluminum
Crank: Single crank
Line retraction: 72cm
Translation: 4.4: 1
Braking force: 11kg
Own weight: 275g
Size: 4000
Ball-bearing: 9
Casing: Hagane
Transmission: Hagane
Cord capture: 0,30mm/180m, 0,35mm/130m
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