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NAUJIENA! Ritė Shimano Stradic Ci4 + C 2500 S,  New 2020 Išskleisti

SANDĖLYJE! Ritė Shimano Stradic Ci4 + C 3000 HGM - New 2020


Shimano Stradic FL


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NAUJIENA -  Ritė Shimano Stradic Ci4 + C 3000 HGM su sekiu būgneliu ir greitesniu perdavimu

Ričių kartos keičiasi, modeliai tobulėja, bet Stradic ritė visada išlaiko savo klasikinį dizainą, kurio vienas esminių elementų, turi kur kas naujesnį or tobulesnį mechanizmą, nes ši ritė yra suprojektuota ir pagaminta pasitelkus X-SHIP koncepciją, kurios komponentais prieš porą metų galėjo pasigirti tik Stella ritės. Tai didesni pagrindinis krupliaratis (didesnė galia, tolygesnis darbas), lengvesnis A-RC būgnelis,  tvirtesnės ir lengvesnės pagrindinės pavaros detalės.

Spare spool: No
Casing: Ci4 +
Rotor: Ci4 +
Translation: 6.0: 1
Kitchen sink: aluminum
Crank: Single crank
Own weight: 195g
Line retrieval: 88cm
Braking force: 9kg
Size: 3000
Ball-bearing: 7
Transmission: hagane
Line capacity: 0.25mm / 125m

Predator hunters with flat head & outstanding performance!

For the spin season 2020, Shimano has made team with something special:
We should you the new Stradic Ci4 + spinning reel in size 2500 S, with shallow spool (= flat coil head) for use with especially thin and braided fishing lines, present.
Due to the flat coil head the weight of the new Stradic spinning reels could be lowered down a bit, so that the the Stradic Ci4 + 2500S a weight of just 185g has.
Despite the low roll weight this exception spinning reels have thanks to the compact roll bodies, as well as the role Ci4 + Body with Hagane design, a great stability , with yourself to withstand the extreme situations in modern spin fishing effortlessly.
With the combination of roll stability, strong front brake with 4kg maximum braking force and the flat coil head is made sure that the new Stradic for the spin-season in 2020 and for almost all input types of fishing can be used perfectly and promise maximum drill & Angel fun!
An extreme ease and permanently quiet roller running is ensured by the Magnum Lite rotor, the high-quality bearings, as well as the stable aluminum Schraubkurbel with soft touch handle knob.
Both visually and technically a masterpiece - the new Stradic Ci4 + 2500S front brakes rolls with flat head for spin season 2020 totally convincing !
Maximum Performance & Pleasure at the perfect price!
Special Features:
6 + 1 S AR-B ball bearing (sealed surface to protect from dust and dirt particles), Ci4 + roll body, saltwater suitable & absolutely reliable front brake system (after use in salt water, rinse with fresh water rinse / NOT submerge) Hagane-Gear precision gears, X-Ship gear transmission, New Magnum Lite rotor (from Ci4 + material!), G-Free Body design, Core protect (protection of the inner life, prevents the penetration of water & Co through a special grease / similar DAIWA MagSealed-Technology), AR-C long cast spool from kaltgeschiedetem aluminum with a V-shaped edge coils for more litters and fewer Backlash), and so on ...



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