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Išpardavimas! Elektrinis multiplikatorius Daiwa Tanacom 750 Išskleisti

Elektrinė ritė Daiwa Tanacom 750 Big Game


Daiwa Hyper Tanacom


2 Prekės

559,20 €

su PVM

- 699,00 € su PVM


2 kg

Pristatymas: iki 5 darbo dienų
  • Elektroninė ritė su 12V elektros varikliu žvejybai Norvegijoje.
  • Užrašai ant ritės ir naudojimosi instrukcija anglų kalba.

    • Max Drag  22 kg
    • Gear Ratio 2.3:1
    • Svoris 1260g
    • Max Winding Speed 140m/min
    • Winding Power 27kg
    • Maksimalus keliamas svoris 64 kg
    • Jigging function
    • Washable
    • DC 12V
    • Made in Japan
Spare spool: No
Kitchen sink: aluminum
Casing: aluminum
Crank: Single crank
Ball-bearing: 4
Braking force: 22kg
Translation: 2.3: 1
Own weight: 1260g
Line retrieval: 42cm
Line capacity (exact): 0.41mm / 700m, 60lb / 550m, 80lb / 420m, 100lb / 320m

Extra Strong Big Game deepwater role!


The Tanacom 750 "Big Game" Electronic reel with an extremely strong 12V motor equipped and is specifically designed for extreme deep-sea angling on ling, redfish, tusk & Co developed.


Just when you heavy montages of large pulling up water depths must, you will learn to appreciate the advantages of an electric role.


Even under high loads, the roller motor runs extremely reliable, completely flawless and has sufficient power reserves to get even size and particularly strong fish from the deep!



The Tanacom electric reels turn out to be absolutely reliable and virtually indestructible helper forextreme situations while fishing .



Both manual as well as electrical operation ( 12V / 10ah battery range for about a fishing day )!


Special Features:

4 ball bearings Washable construction, one-piece power frame made of resistant aluminum, electronic line counter, meter reading PowerLever lever, waterproof UTD braking system, 22kg maximum braking force, aluminum spool, extra large line guide (5mm), aluminum handle with ergonomic and large power handle knob, field of akzeptabelen voltage: 12V-16.8V current: 3A (no load) / 10A (idle) / 30A (maximum), maximum tensile force: 64kg , including electrical cables ...


Pristatymas 14 - 21 d. d.

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