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Grąžtas ledui GRĄŽTAS RAPALA UR EVO 115 mm


Grąžtas ledui Rapala


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Diametras 115 mm.

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Rapala UR EVO (Evolution) hand drills enter a totally new level with hand drills that has never been seen before. Rapala UR EVO is the combination of the long Finnish hand drill tradition and craftmanship added with new innovation and technical knowledge. The result is a new super drill for all ice conditions

  • Strong high quality steel body & spiral
  • Steel crank with ergonomical light-rolling handles
  • Heavy duty EVO SC (Super Composite) crown which is 50% lighter than a metal crown
  • Changeable high quality steel blades that will always fit with 100% accuracy to the SC crown
  • Designed to work smoothly and easy on all ice conditions

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