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Ritė Daiwa 19 Certate-G LT 2500D - New 2019 Išskleisti

Ritė Daiwa 19 Certate-G LT 2500-XH - NEW 2019




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19 Certate-G LT 2500 XH
6.2: 1 translation
Special features:
Monoblock aluminum body with Light & Tough bodyconcept (for maximum stability and resilience!), 10 resistant CRBB ball bearings, MagSealed body construction, Zain Air roller rotor, large CNC machined Tough DigiGear aluminum roller transmission (for perfect power transmission and precise roller action in any situation), top reliable ATD front brake system with 10kg maximum braking force, infinite Infinite anti-reverse backstop, Air Bail roller hanger with Twist Buster II line roller, aluminum spool, screw-in aluminum single crank with soft touch T-handle (for efficient power transmission and safety in the fight!), automatic Bügelumschalg, transport bag , ...
Made in Japan
Spare spool: No
Transmission: aluminum
Line capacity: 0.16mm / 230m, 0.20mm / 150m, 0.23mm / 100m
Ball-bearing: 10
Rotor: Zaion
Size: 2500
Own weight: 205g
handedness: Left-handed, right-handed
Kitchen sink: aluminum
Braking force: 10kg
Line retrieval: 87cm
Translation: 6.2: 1
Crank: Single crank
Casing: aluminum

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